Taiga Igarashi


Taiga is of below average height standing only a little over the five foot mark and has long black hair almost always pulled back into a ponytail. Her eyes are brown, but in the correct light, they sometimes have a red sheen. She favors t-shirts and kapri pants that are easy to move in.

Character Sheet

Kaien the Riolu
Mugen the Torchic


Taiga is originally from Veilstone City in the Sinnoh region, but moved to Saffron City in Kanto at age 10 to start devoloping her skills as an Aura Guardian. Currently Taiga is on her Musha Shugyo (Warrior’s Pilgrimage). Her sensei has sent her to Unova so that she’s unused to the terrain, people, and the gyms so that she has no advantage.

Taiga is strong-willed, stubborn, and willing to do anything to protect those that she cares about. It does, however, take a while to get onto her good side. She’s willing to speak her mind if something bothers her, which is often, though she is trying to calm herself and hold in her thoughts through meditation which her Riolu is meant to help her with.

She WILL NOT compromise on the values and teachings that have been instilled in her by her sensei (basic Bushido, though since she’s young she will still make mistakes)

Taiga Igarashi

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