Haruka Morimoto 「森元春花」



Height: 147cm (4’10")
Blood Type: A
Hair: Black
Eyes: Iridescent Purple (Tinted Lens)
Strengths: (None yet!)
Weaknesses: The English Language (Difficulty speaking it, cannot read it)

Hair that is as black as the night sky above Eterna Forest, along with striking, rather unnatural purple-hued eyes are some of the first features one might notice about the girl, if you notice her at all. Difficult to pick out of a crowd due to her height, Haruka is typically seen dressed in, what she would call, the traditional martial artist’s attire of her village. A violet, sleeveless keikogi adorns her body, along with arm coverings complementing it in a lighter hue, a lilac obi tightly wrapped around her waist. She has satchels attached to her obi, flanking her hips, and her legs are covered in black leggings and matching violet boots that come up just past her knee. Her ensemble is wrapped up with a brilliant crimson scarf. Her long black hair is almost always tied back with an ornamental pin, leaving just her bangs to frame her face.

Haruka is rather easy going, and not a difficult person to get along with. Despite a seemingly carefree nature, she has a certain determination about her when it comes to practicing her arts, running through forms in the morning. She has an affinity towards bugs, having grown up around them all her life, and is quick to gush about them to anyone who seems to show a similar interest. She loves food, and especially loves rustic cooking! Her favorite food is a creamy beef and potato stew.

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Incontestable Catches

  • Heracross
  • Scyther
  • Pinsir
  • Grubbin/Charjabug/Vikavolt

Haruka’s Character Sheets

Haruka Morimoto
Brinstar [Larvesta]
Aqua [Dewpider]
Valiant [Karrablast]


Eterna Forest, a place of many mysteries. It holds secrets still yet to be discovered, not because people aren’t looking for them, but because they wish to remain a secret. The Dark Forest Village, is one such a place. Burrows built into the root structures of some of the most ancient trees of the Eterna Forest far away from prying eyes, a small group of people have made their home for hundreds of years. It’s here that the Morimoto family welcomed their newest member, the seventh born child, Haruka. The Morimoto family isn’t the oldest family in the village, but the town’s history has recorded some great deeds performed by the family in the past. Even in this day, the Morimoto’s are well respected in their community. Haruka’s Mother is one of the leading herbalists in the village, while her father heads up the hatchery, and her siblings that came before her also participate in the functions that keep the village prosperous.

The Dark Forest Village is unique among villages, not because of its seclusive nature, but because of the integration of bugs into the community. They are everywhere, and the humans here have formed a symbiotic and mutual relationship with them. It’s only natural that there be humans born with certain gifts associated with this relationship. Haruka is the first child of Daisuke and Misaki to exhibit these characteristics, even her mother and father don’t have these unique abilities, leading Haruka to develop a strong relationship with her paternal grandmother Noriko. Noriko exhibits many of these same natural abilities, and so it made someone she could relate to.

When she became old enough, Noriko used her clout within the village to sponsor her admission to the ninja academy. While it was a strange path, Noriko felt that her granddaughter had the potential to do great things, and that this academy would allow her to hone her abilities as well as learn new ones. Haruka took well to the martial arts, not only learning ways of the ninja, but under the guidance of a gifted teacher, she was able to also learn how to use her latent skills. She soon became close friends with her master, Tadaka Hayashi, as well as his partner pokemon, a grizzled old heracross named Richter.

While in her training, she learned the hone the powers of her natural-born gifts. Master Hayashi taught her the arts of the Swarmlord, as well as the techniques of Ninjutsu. These tenants would help shape her into the Kunoichi she was to become. Frequent trips outside of the village were a treat, usually out to martial arts tournaments held in Sinnoh. It was here that the students of, as it was known outside of the village, the Dark Forest Martial Academy, could test their mettle against the other rising stars of rival dojos. It’s here she met Taiga Igarashi, participating many times in tournaments. It became almost an annual ritual, getting to see her at these competitions, though last she saw Taiga was when she was ten. Haruka hopes to get to see her again someday! The best Haruka was ever able to place was third.

She trained for years under Master Hayashi, making new friends in her few classmates, especially another young girl gifted in the arts of Ninjutsu and the ways of the Insect, Hanako Kobayashi. The two girls were practically inseparable, always practicing together, getting in trouble together, and sharing their dreams and aspirations with one another. Upon graduation, it was a tad bit heart wrenching when Hanako and Haruka received different assignments. She knew deep down that this day was coming, but it didn’t make it any easier. She watched Hanako receive instructions to venture out to the Hoenn region, not able to hear the rest of the details. Haruka’s assignment, unbeknownst to her, would be a much greater endeavor.

Haruka was assigned to venture to the Unova Region. Four years ago, a ninja went rogue, and rumor has it that an individual matching their description has been sighted in Unova. The village grows concerned that this rogue ninja could lead someone back to their village, threatening their very way of life. It’s up to Haruka to track them down, and bring them back to the village to mete justice, or if necessary, dispense justice herself. Master Hayashi gifted her with a partner pokemon, a rather rare specimen from a far away tropical land, one that was just now being cultivated in the Village hatcheries, a Dewpider. She promptly bestowed it with the name Aqua. Before setting out to the Unova Region, her parents would gift her an additional partner, a Larvesta. Seems that the hatcheries her Father works in had some excess helpers, and since she’s going to be traveling far from home, he felt that it would be a warm reminder of home, in more ways than one. She named it Brinstar, and set out for Unova to start her assignment.

Haruka’s Friends & Family

Daisuke – Father/Head of the Hatchery
Misaki – Mother/Leading Village Herbalist
Noriko – Paternal Grandmother/Swarmlord

Hideki – Eldest Brother (1st Born) / Hatchery Attendant
Jiro – Big Brother (2nd Born) / Herbalist
Kimiko – Eldest Sister (3rd Born) / Combee Attendant and Honey Gatherer
Toshiro – Big Brother (4th Born) / Scholar and Rising Village Historian
Junpei – Big Brother (5th Born) / Farmhand
Sachiko – Big Sister (6th Born) / Hatchery Attendant

Tadaka Hayashi [Master Hayashi] – Sensei
Richter – Tadaka’s Heracross
Hanako Kobayashi – Best Friend from School
Taiga Igurashi – Friend from a Rival School/Dojo

Haruka Morimoto 「森元春花」

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