Akira Narukami

A Dark type trainer who melds with the shadows. Totally a law-abiding citizen


Akira is about 5’8", typical weight for an athletic build, with medium length frizzy hair. He’s usually seen wearing a black hoodie with a grey t-shirt underneath, blue jeans and some black boots. He keeps a dagger with him for self defense.

Character Sheet

Morgana the Purrloin
Skull the Houndour
Navi the Patrat
Queen the Shinx


Originally from Ecruteak City in the Johto region, Akira Narukami fell in love with Dark type Pokemon rather than the traditional Ghost types of the city. Early in life he and his uncle that he was living with moved to Striaton City in Unova, where Akira met Yusuke Kurusu. The pair became quick friends due to their similar uprooting, as Yusuke had moved from Celadon City in Kanto. While Akira and Yusuke quickly developed an interest in pokemon their preference differed greatly. Akira developed an affinity for Dark types while Yusuke desired to learn all he could about legendary pokemon.

Later in life Akira would befriend a Puurloin, which he named Morgana, and a Houndour that had been injured while escaping from Team Plasma. Helping out the Houndour, who would later be dubbed Skull, spurred Akira and Yusuke to action and the delinquent duo decided that together they would do what they could to free stolen pokemon from Team Plasma and reunite stolen pokemon with their former trainers. Yusuke took on the role of the team operator while while Akira used his physical prowess to carry out their agenda. The two preferred to operate under the veil of night when Akira’s senses were at their sharpest in an effort cover their tracks.

After his first few prison breaks and gaining more confidence in his skills, Akira adopted the moniker “Arsene”, in homage to one the greatest thieves in fiction. But once Team Plasma disappeared and disbanded at the command of their mysterious king at the Pokemon League two years ago, Akira had to choose something else to focus his energy on. In contrast, Yusuke quickly dedicated himself wholeheartedly to his research after witnessing the legendary pokemon, Reshiram, awaken during a live television broadcast. At Yusuke’s suggestion, both he and Akira resolved to take on the Unova Pokemon League once they were eligible to receive their Trainer’s Licenses. Akira would take on the Unova Circuit, alongside Morgana and Skull, traveling the region in the wake of Team Plasma’s short-lived reign in an effort to strengthen the bond he shares with his partner pokemon and teach them to trust humans again. Yusuke would use the same opportunity to study the myths and legends of Unova during his journey as he trained his of pokemon to be able to survive an encounter with pokemon thought only to exist in stories.

Akira Narukami

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