Welcome to PK-Leon's [Pokemon World: Unova 2] Return of the Frozen Ruler Campaign!

The Return of the Frozen Ruler campaign runs parallel to the original narrative of Pokemon White 2. In this reimagining of the game the Player Characters collectively assume the role of the Main Character in place of story's original protagonist (Nate or Rosa).

It is important to note that a number of characters, locations, and events may not appear or unfold the same way you may remember them if you are familiar with the story. These elements have been intentionally changed or altered in order to facilitate role play and accommodate for changes to the original story. Additionally players will given access to pokemon and game mechanics introduced in later generations.

Mechanically this campaign is designed to test the Pokemon World Roleplaying System and will use the Alpha Draft Ruleset to do so. Once the playtesting period has come to an end and revisions to the system are completed this ruleset will be made publicly available at a later date.

If you wish to follow the events of this campaign you can read for yourself here!

For players and readers alike the out of character thread can be found here!

[Pokemon World: Unova 2] Return of the Frozen Ruler

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